Industrial Scales

Eagle Weighing Scales’ electronic platform Scales are designed to be used in tough industrial environments like in ware houses where there is constant weighing of heavy bags of grains,seeds,food produce etc. Well known for their dependability, durability, and accuracy, they are built to last under heavy use. With capacities ranging from 100 kg to 10,000 kgs, they are floor scales purposely for your weighing needs. Our floor scales are compatible with a range of indicators, software, and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution. Available in both mild steel and stainless steel purposely solving the issue of rusting for clients who weigh bags under moisture related conditions

We supply weighing scales which are portable, low profile platform scales, live side rails, wheels, and handles to insure versatility and portability to easen movement around the ware houses where weighing positions are always altered.

Many industries dealing in commodities like grains,wheat coffee,tea require the use of large bags for storing and transporting their products.Eagle  Weighing Scales offers the ideal type of weighing scale for weighing these materials. You will find them in industries dealing with miaze brand and grains, coffee,cocoa,tea,beans,flour,wheat,barley,and more. When you are weighing these heavy bags, it is best to have a scale that features an extremely low platform, as well as a shallow loading ramp to make it easy to get the bags into place safely. This level of attention to detail in design prevents damage to your equipment and damage to your bags resulting in loss of product from spillage. Not only that, it reduces the risk of injury to warehouse workers such as sprained backs and knee damage.

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