Mineral Scales

Mineral weighing scales for Eagle Weighing Scales offers a triple weighing range [0 – 300g x 1g / 300 – 600g x 2g / 600 – 1200g x 1g] making it almost like three balances in one. Outstanding performance, professional features with the Quality You Demand makes us… Clearly a Better Value”.

The compact size and small footprint saves valuable  bench space and is something very few scale companies offer.

These mineral weighing scales are Legal for Trade OIML Approved, Class III digital scale. Always check with your particular requirements for your use of a digital scale with your State, County or City code enforcement or Weights & Measures Inspector. Many times people are told to buy a legal for trade scale but the scale must be applicable to your weighing application.Rigid construction with overload stops protection prevents damage to the weighing sensor for long standing durability and is backed with a full year limited supplier warranty. Simple 5 key operation allows you to turn on or off the scale, zero/tare the scale, switch weigh unitsand configure the balance. The color coded tactile-feel keys have clearly defined keys simplifies weighing operations.

Our scales reveal the lighted display, the on/off button, the Tare button (for zeroing the display when you set an empty tray on the scale to hold more items), and the Mode button, which determines the units of measurement you prefer. Those units of measurement are shown below, along with their maximum reading on this scale:

Gram: to a maximum of 100.00 g.
Ounce: to a maximum of 3.527 oz.
Grain: to a maximum of 1543.1 gn.
Carat: to a maximum of 500.00 ct.

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